During the past four decades, the world has witnessed the most powerful emergence of entrepreneurial activities in the world. Young entrepreneurs are now described as aggressive catalysts for changing the world of business. Global development is entering into a phase where entrepreneurship is increasingly playing a vital role by contributing new jobs to the economy, thus offsetting large-scale unemployment and reducing the disadvantaged in many parts of the world. As such, if youth take on the challenge to become entrepreneurs they can play a vital role in creating employment opportunities for themselves and for others.


    Aims and Objectives of GEC- 2019:

    To present a platform where youth can come together to brainstorm on how to develop a global entrepreneurial mindset.

    To challenge youth globally, University Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Daffodil International University (DIU), Perfect triangle (PT) and In-House Multimedia are jointly organizing the Global Entrepreneurship Summer Camp (GESC), 2018 at University Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), Nilai, Malaysia.

    We are inviting 300 students from 50 universities of 35 countries of Asia Pacific region and others parts of the Globe. The camp will be held from the February 8th to 18th, 2019.

    Students would equip themselves with global knowledge, participate in cross-cultural activities, build communication skills, and gain confidence to be able to become future business leaders. They also will get academic credits and recognition from several institutions, as well as an experience of Malaysian lifestyle, culture, and heritage through different set activities of study and recreational visits.



    • To develop awareness of the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur
    • To come up with ideas that can be pursued as an entrepreneur
    • Develop basic thinking skills and self-esteem
    • Enrich global entrepreneurship thinking and benefits
    • Gain confidence and build relation and networking with others
    • Develop critical thinking and analytical skills.



    • International joint recognition from USIM, DIU & IHM College (Certification)
    • Achieving multidimensional knowledge from higher education experts
    • Academic credits for participants, exemption or getting additional credits
    • Learning multicultural experience and visiting heritage sites
    • Cross-Cultural experience with International students and teachers
    • Empowerment as global citizens
    • Entrepreneurial Development
    • Develop the youth entrepreneur
    • Enrich global knowledge and mindset
    • Exposure to business opportunities
    • Soft and hard skill training
    • Camp experience
    • Extra recognitions
    • Fun and learn


    Course Methodology:

    • 3 hours workshops + online assignment + outdoor & indoor activities each day
    • Maximum 30 students in a batch 
    • Classroom with a projector and whiteboard
    • All teaching materials including posters, markers, draughtsman's tape & cards in a class will provide free




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